A few words about us

Paragon Restaurant, No: 1 Family Restaurant in K.S.A

We serves Traditional Malabar Cuisine with an exceptional medley of flavors. All our restaurants are designed in such a way that, you will feel the homely atmosphere with our harmonious balance of taste, texture and hospitality.

  What we offer  
Exceptional service, quality produce and a relaxed atmosphere awaits you at our restaurant. Come, step in to Paragon and submit yourself to luxury! A warm welcome awaits you at Paragon’s air-conditioned restaurant! Do make it today!

Paragon Team

The team behind the Paragon Restaurants in Saudi Arabia, have 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, especially in providing the traditional Malabar cuisine, helped to launch Paragon Restaurants.

Now, the Paragon Restaurant is a Brand Name in Malabar Traditional Cuisine in Saudi Arabia.

While every Paragon shares a common intention to provide homely food, we serve North-Indian and Chinese.

Paragon Restaurant Group is managed by:

Mr. Basheer Musalyarakam       Mr. Alikoya CA      Mr. Abdu Samad


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